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Wednesday, October 20, 2010


Life to a lot of people remains a mystery, it will surely be so until an understanding is gotten of what LIFE is really all about.
At creation, a vacuum was left to be filled by each person with your choice, if you put the wrong thing there, then the journey may end up in circles; but if you made the right choice, then meaning can be found in LIFE.

A lot of the time, activity is what we always choose to put in that vacuum. If anyone made such a choice then confusion is the outcome, rather what is needed in that vacuum is a PERSON.
 Until the right person is chosen the very first step in the life's journey to SUCCESS is a wrong step.
 Life is systemic, even natuer reveals this. In the next post we'll be introduced to the PERSON I'm talking about.

Wednesday, October 6, 2010

GOOD LIFE NOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Welcome on board the good life. The good thing about this type of life is that it is meant for the NOW, and not tomorrow. HOPE can be very powerful, particularly when it is for something good, and we should all learn to hope for something good.

The challenging part of the story is that, it is not meant to be perpetual, I mean HOPE; but when one starts getting wearied because of too long in waiting; then something definitely is missing somewhere.

Concept is the soul of any idea, and you know IDEAS move the world, e.g the INTERNET, the more reason why we should aspire to get the concept of ideas we are trying to push right from the onset. Concept that is wrong from the beginning is a tragedy; the idea becomes a dead one on arrival.

You will be fed with well proven concepts for living the good life, I mean the TOTAL LIFE on these web pages. Issues like:
 PURPOSE FOR LIVING and how you can lay hand on the one for yours.
VISION and MISSION statements, that will serve as compass for your life journey.
EMPOWERMENT tools that will serve as hands-on-tool for the area that suites your chemistry.
LEADERSHIP SKILLS; the software for the TOTAL LIFE we are talking about.

Stay with me on this journey that promises some excitement all the way. I know a lot of people are so rough-handled by life that all they are seeking for is the magic wand that will catapult them to their dream land; amazingly there is NO such magic wand,even though I agree that there is A PROMISE LAND.

In the next couple of days, we'll be sharing so much from each other that nobody will ever believe such opportunities for EXCELLENCE in life exists.