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Wednesday, May 11, 2011



 You are welcome today at this corner, where we make bold moves to find meaning to life issues.

 Like I said in my last note, and precisely the very first post; we shall be concerned with as many that are in the above mentioned situations.

 Be reminded again; you are just down but never out. Now, it is not a sin to be down, but it can be if one decides to remain on the ground.

 The good news to whosoever here is that, there is only one direction available to such a person, and that direction is UP, after all, you can't go below the ground as long as you are still alive.

 The unpleasant truth however is that quite a lot of people are DOWN and sincerely they don't know what to do; your case is poor as anyone who is actually making an effort on his/her own to rise up but just can do so alone.

 Somebody may be wondering; how can you say somebody is unable to rise up alone by him/herself!

 Let me remind you that there are some kind of falls that are nothing short of a crash, and it can really leave you in pieces.

 Either of the above scenarios has only one solution: you need a helper in such situation, or rather HELPERS

 These are GOD and a MAN.

 When I say a man; not necessarily gender-wise, it can be a male or female, simply put you need a mentor.

 Your best mentor in this situation is somebody that has passed through similar route.

 Such a person will be better equipped to play that role as he/she will be handy with these tools to help you:



    -DIRECTION ( the plan that you need to take to come out of your situation)

    -PATIENCE (to stay with you while you work out the principles and the plan for your recovery)

    -ASSISTANCE ( to help you find somebody else in a similar situation and give similar support that you've  received to that person--the only guarantee that you've really understand what you are thought, and you can maintain your victory).

 Are you ready to make this commitment and change your situation?

 Whatever your answer is, we'll meet next time.