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Tuesday, May 10, 2011


Today, its my joy to be back after a long time, away from this page.
Just like the title of this page; I give thanks to God for His infinite mercies.

Please, take my assurance that we'll keep date together on this page as regularly as possible from now on.
You can also be assured that a lot of resources awaits you if you visit frequently.

 Also remember that its good and expected to thank Him daily.
In the next couple of days we shall examine further the: WHY, HOW, WHAT and WHEN to praise Him.
Keep a date with me.

If you care; there is one resource that will surely increase your productivity. See what the publisher says about the book:
There are lots of books about God. Even more books about getting things done. But nothing has been written about living for God in today's hectic world . . . where are the books about Christian productivity? In our daily lives, the two areas collide. Time for God aims to fill that void. Because when someone stops their life to write about effective Christianity, things change. However, nothing has been written about living it. Time for God is here for that purpose. If you want to develop yourself in Christ, build up or develop others ... if you want to live with practical faith ... then the Time for God book is for you. Get a copy of the book here:

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